Saturday, April 07, 2012


Granny Easter

From me in my Easter Bonnet to you in yours.  Happy Easter everyone!


Easter always means this to me:  My grandpa singing this song, booming bass voice. 


christ arose

Found this little video over on Pinterest of these cute boys singing.  My Big PaPa would approve.



chickory said...

Happy Easter!!! What a glorious beautiful bird chirping morning. I love the photo!! xoxoxoxo

Boxer said...

Happy Easter!! That photo is so sweet. Do little girls wear bonnets on Easter anymore? I feel like I went to Church today by visiting here and that's a fabulous feeling. xoxo

fishy said...

Easter bonnets!
This generation is missing out. It is rare these days to see an entire family well turned out in Easter finery. You were the cutest!!!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

too adorable!! Oh, how fun is this??? Great photo--cute video too.

Yore Big Papa knew a thang or two.

Troll said...

Happy day-late Easter!

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Belated happy Easter to you and the family. Plus congratulations on the new job. Hope you really enjoy the new position.