Sunday, April 01, 2012

Life Changes

So Monday will be a fresh chapter in the Book of Pam … the new job starts.  Am meeting the New Boss at 8AM, so will make tonight’s post short and sweet.  Must get my body clock re-tuned to this new schedule.  And while I didn’t have a winning ticket for the Mega Millions this weekend, I do feel like I won the lottery in snagging this job.  Wish me luck as I start this new journey.


Probably won’t be doing Haiku Monday for a while until I get the lay of the land and my head around this big change.  The old place had a great send-off for me on Tuesday.  Was talked into a reception and some recognition, which went very well.  Truly lots of great people at this office.    And most are totally supportive of this decision.  Although, I will admit to being surprised by the reactions of some folks.  Hmmmm.  That’s another thing to get my head around.  Meanwhile, my replacement has been chosen and she starts on Monday also.  I definitely started a ball rolling in the people shuffle, which usually doesn’t happen mid-term and definitely not during session.  But the timing can’t be helped.  It is what it is.   Have spent over 12 years arranging my life for session.   And opportunities like this don’t come along every day.  A handful of people at the old place asked me to keep my eyes and ears open for them also … lots of folks in our position feeling some uncertainty.  I did as much preaching about a few things as I could before I left … not sure it will help some of our long-time people, but if I had someone listening, I was saying it.  Not that I expect anyone in blog world to know what I mean, but a few who read this and work there will understand.  But a few friends said goodbye with tears in their eyes and I will miss seeing those friends regularly.



Lewis and Sterling are stalking some birds on the porch.  I hope no nest is built because these two might go insane.  Literally.


We watched the new version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I was underwhelmed by it.  Maybe it was better in the theater.  The story was changed around a little too much for my liking.  I love Daniel Craig, but man, does that guy mumble.  Speak up!   Original, with subtitles, much better.  We also watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  Two words of advice for anyone considering renting it:  Don’t Bother.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Cheers everyone, sorry I haven’t been around much lately.   Busy busy busy.   And busy.  I promise to get settled soon and report back in when I can.  Happy April.


CarrieMarie said...

Exciting!!! i'm glad your good-bye party went well!

also, am being lazy & not posting a comment on the other post - those pictures w/ the easter basket - ADORABLE! :D

Boxer said...

Congrats on your new gig and good luck today. Even the best jobs still mean you're the new person and that comes with some stress too.

Looking forward to a quick report tonight?

Troll said...

Congrats on the new gig and good luck! I had been considering actually watching Tinker-Tailor at some point. Dang!

Pam said...

Carmy: Thanks so much! He is adorable. Love those pics.

Boxie: Update for today -- whewsh! This is some corporate environment, I can tell you. Several hours in orientation; a few hikes around downtown; lots of questions; amazing so far.

Troll: You can watch Tinker Tailor. Just don't say I didn't warn you if you fall asleep about 30 minutes in. Very dry. I can follow a good espionage movie pretty well. This just didn't do it.

Anurag Pandey said...

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moi said...

I'm so thrilled for you. Glad you snagged this opportunity. For every door that closes, a window opens, and all that.

I'm not sure I like the Daniel Craig version of GWTDT so much because it was so beautifully filmed or because it filmed Daniel Craig so beautifully. I would watch that man watch paint dry. And the opening sequence was awesome.

Yes, they fiddled with the ending, but it set up an interesting bit of irony that the book somehow did not. The book's original Swedish title is Men Who Hate Women, obviously because the plot is about misogyny. Here's Blomkvist, the big ol' hero, but look what he does to the women who love him. He may be free wheeling and progressive, but he's an emotional misogynist because he can seduce, but he can't commit. I thought it was clever in a way that the book, which is pretty much a hammer to the head, was not.

Aunty Belle said...

YEs!! New job, new journey--glad youse goin' fer it!

An' that baby boy?? GIMME. NOW.