Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving page along

I got nothin'.  Just busy, adjusting to the new work hours and duties.  Fighting some snorky congestion that hasn't budged  all week.  Learning my new drive to work.  My car has a mind of its own and isn't liking the new level of traffic.  It is my only problem so far -- a little bit earlier commute means twice as much traffic which means more time on the road.  Haven't adjusted for this correctly yet.  Oh well, keep trying.

Might be having lunch with Kymmie and Caleb today.  She is about ready to get back into the workforce so send her good wishes and ideas for jobs.  Caleb is Mr. Personality.  He's the little baby boy equivalent of Sterling Cat, methinks.  Into everything.  :)

That's it for now, short and sweet.  I know everyone has been busy too ... busy is good, just makes it hard to get around to visit everyone on their page.  Promise to catch up with eveyone this weekend.  Cheers for now, ya'll.


Boxer said...

Cheers to you! My business will be moving in the fall and today I viewed a potential new space, and as I drove back I thought.... how many times will my car make the "wrong" turns? :-) Sending Kymmie big hugs and support. I know she's split about working/staying home. I hope she finds the perfect fit.

Have a wonderful weekend. You should write a Haiku! :-)

chickory said...

it is a busy time, it seems. Im coming around from my funk n busy, and good to get around and see everyone. Hows the new office? you like the people? I love how you marked the buildings you have worked in. I think about you all the time when I look at the weather on the net. always tumultuous out there. Good luck to Kym and that Caleb is a poster boy of alert and curious! Haiku Monday theme is up at CHickory

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Congrats a new job. If you're only problem with a new job is getting to work. You're in pretty good shape.

Don't take this the wrong way. Caleb is likely the best job Kymmie will ever have. The longer she can afford to stay home with him, the better. Not trying to make him mama's boy, it's just kids that stay with their mother until after the age of 3. Seem to do better as they grow older. Not a scientific study it's based on my personal observations.

fishy said...

Nice to read the new job is good. No complaints is good and like the others I hope it turns out to be a great move :-)

Hugs to Kym and that too too cute Caleb! I do agree with Karl those first three years are key and I do think there is loads of supporting scientific data. Maybe she can find a job share or great part time gig.

The weather reports for your area are terrifying. It's a good thing you made a nest under the stairs.

Now tell me .... did you splurge on a new wardrobe for the new job?

Pam said...

Boxie: I have a good feeling about your business moving. Can't wait to read more about it. BUT! What about the weed store next door??? LOL

Chickie: The weather has been wild this year, but it is every year, no biggie. Thanks about those x's ... I was walking around town wondering if I could figure out which bldgs I had worked in. That pic was the end result. So I posted.

Karl! How you been? There are many factors coming into play for Kymmie and the baby and the looking for a job. He has the sweetest disposition, for sure, and I have no doubt whatsoever it is because she has been able to be home with him. As long as their little family is happy with what comes along, that is all that matters for now.

Fishy! The job is good, people are good so far. It is nice to learn something new and have a different type of responsibility. Totally different than the last place, can't even compare the two environments. Our weather wasn't bad here but I did hear from Britgal Sarah and she was near an area hit hard by the 'nados. I need to make up an emergency kit actually, thanks for the reminder.

New wardrobe? Hmmmm. I bought a few things, nothing fancy. Just wear-to-the-office clothes. As I have stated before, I think I am old enough to go for quirky. ;)