Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finally moving this page along some more

Wow, what a busy time.  Nothing urgent or earth-shattering.  Just longer hours, lots of things going on, lots of mindless pinning on Pinterest and WWF on FB.

We went out today to the MG Car Club gathering at our favorite Diner, Drive-in & Dive – Eischen’s, which I am sure I have written about here before.  But enough about that.  It is located in the thriving metropolis of Okarche, Oklahoma, which looks like this:


MG CLUB 05-2012-0025

Along the drive back, here was the scenery:


I love this place.  Western Oklahoma, wide open spaces.  Big skies.  Just lovely.  All the fields were full of wheat, ready for harvest.


But word is that the harvest is plentiful, and prices are down.  So farmers are bailing up the wheat and saving in case of a hot, hot summer.


Hey look!  Ron White is coming to the casino at Concho.  That would be fun.  Haven’t done concerts in a long time.  Sting is coming to the casino down by the TX border.  As is Rod Stewart in August.  Drive two hours and pay $100 to see them though?  I don’t think so, scooter.

victoria sponge cake

My most recent attempt at culinary delights.  Victorian Sponge Cake.  I did something wrong, though, it didn’t rise very well.  It was more like a shortbread cake.  But the husband liked it, so that is all that counts.  It was a mother’s day concoction.


This boy is crawling everywhere, pulling up, and wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t stepping it up a bit by the next time I see him.


Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Okarche doesn't look much different than last time I drove through. I think it was 1993 or 4.

That boy looks like he's about ready to leep the bounds of that crib. Then try to keep up with him;)

Aunty Belle said...

Mah baby boy!! Sweet chubby thang.

BTWm special pinterest pin fer ya'.

Pam said...

Karl, I am SURE Okarche hasn't changed since you were there. Except that Eischen's closed the grocery store part and enlarged the restaurant area. Only change in Okarche in 40 years, no doubt.

Aunty! I am off to take a look! Are you on your trip yet?

Buzz Kill said...

Any cake with strawberries on it is a homerun with me.

moi said...

Mmmm . . . cake. And . . . chubby baby boy!

And I bet you all are over the moon about the Thunder. I HATE the Lakers, so these games are sweet for me as well.