Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not a heavy metal girl, but ….

In addition to watching the Thunder play the Spurs tonight, I was switching over to HDNET to watch a bit of Rocklahoma, the heavy metal concert held over Memorial Day weekend at Pryor.   I guess this event has grown and grown and grown.  And while I’ve never been much of a heavy metal girl (I can only now appreciate and/or tolerate listening to Led Zepplin), I was glued to the tube with Queensryche.



Fascinating to watch.  And makes you realize a bit about the musicianship of these bands.  Not my cup of tea, generally speaking, but I do love a live concert.  My usual feeling is that I don’t care how bad a group is, they have more nerve than me to get up there and perform.  But the guitarists were excellent.  The drumming was fantastic.  The front man was mesmerizing.  They might have a new, least likely ever fan.

Which brings me to this:  Is anyone planning to see this movie?


Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise.  Now, I do love me some 80’s music, maybe even more so than the next person, but I also don’t want the p*ss taken out of it … not sure what I think of this movie or if I want to see it.  And, I ask you, does this pic convince you that Tom Cruise is not gay?  Nope, me neither.  How about this one?


Gayest pic I have ever seen.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But again, Tom Cruise?  As rock star?  No No NoNONONONONO.  Now what is really happening probably is that all these 80’s bands have used up their fortunes and need the residual check that the soundtrack is going to generate.  Now that’s something I can believe in.

How about we get the fans at Rocklahoma to meet up with the people who go see Rock of Ages, and see what happens.  Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, good on ya HDNET, that camera work was beautiful.  Made me glad I was home in the a/c watching instead of in a hot Oklahoma field at Pryor Creek. 


CarrieMarie said...

LOLOLOL yeah, tom cruise is a most fascinating creature. he's cute, then not; sexy, then not; but i've never thought of him as gay. well, maybe briefly in jerry maguire. lol

anyway! i do want to see rock of ages, because any movie to feature some def lep has gotta be at least a little okay. ; )

Pam said...

Carrie, you are so right ... he isn't consistent. LIke he is playing a role of cute and sexy. DefLep has always been on my list of bands to see.

moi said...

I think I mentioned to Boxer once that this movie will either be brilliant or totally cringe-worthy. I think I'll see it just to prove myself wrong, either way :o)

BTW, I have never been a fan of Tom Cruise, but I was pretty impressed with an interview he did with Playboy recently when he said it was the main goal of his life to be "competent" and a person his family could count on. That seems rather cool.

Pam said...

Moi, okay I challenge you to see it and report back in! Tom does creep me out, but he probably is very competent. He sounds like a really good secretary.

czar said...

If there's singing, Led Zeppelin is unlistenable. Forty years haven't improved things.

Pam said...

Czar, thank you. I feel vindicated. Maybe I was drawn to the metal concert because it wasn't all dancing and lipsyncing!