Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Skydancer Bridge

The semi-new addition to the new I-40 cross-town … gone is the broken-down bridge that was I-40 through downtown.  The highway has been re-routed through the discarded railroad line.  From May Avenue over to the I-35 interchange is a wonderful new bit of highway.   And this is a feature:


The Skydancer Bridge. 


Based on a scissortail flycatcher bird (presumably) … the state bird.  This large structure is meant to make you remember OKC.  It is parallel to the Chesapeake Arena.  Hmmmm.  Now the naming rights to the arena might be gone before the rest of the old I-40 bridge is disassembled.  Poor ol’ Chesapeake getting some bad press these days. 


Photos taken from the new boss’s office.   With plenty of zoom lens.  We aren’t this close to the arena but I did want to get a good pic of the Skydancer.

At night, it is lit up with neon.

In winter, I’m hoping it doesn’t drop icicles on unsuspecting cars driving underneath.  One of which might be mine.



Oklahoma City's James Harden celebrates during Game 4 of the first round in the NBA playoffs between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Saturday, May 5, 2012. Oklahoma City won 103-97. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman


Boxer said...

Go SONICS!! Isn't that what you meant?


I know, I know, we're still bitter and stuff.

love the bridge.

moi said...

LOL to Boxer.

I'm for audacious architecture, always. How do OKCs denizens feel about it?

Aunty Belle said...

wow--thas' some bridge---somehow bridges seem the perfect venue fer space age architecture, doan it? In October I drove over the Millau viaduct--uber cool:

LOL Boxer--heh.

Pam said...

Boxie: You can't have them back, they are ours now. But you can jump on our bandwagon. THUNDER UP!

Moi: I think we all like this bridge decoration. It is very unique. I will try to get a pic of it in its highway setting. Quite large and eye-catching. I think it might be part of a pedestrian bridge at some point.

Pam said...

Hi Aunty! I might need to seek out that bridge if I get over that way again! My billy goat husband would love it. This bit of sculpture here in OKC is just meant to be memorable, but am not sure it is.

fishy said...

Bridges are a great form of functional art. This one seems pretty well thought out.

Nice view from the new office!
Are you liking this new gig??????

moi said...

Good game last night! Go THUNDER!