Saturday, May 26, 2012

Woes of the Computer Variety

Sorry I haven’t been around to see everyone lately.  Busy.  Plus throw in a computer woe and it has limited my online abilities.  I think I got the Facebook Virus.  Another reason to quit that site.  “Facebook, I wish I could quit you.”   WWF and Pinterest seem to be taking my “mindless” time … when all is quiet at the house and you just don’t want to not think about anything …

Meanwhile, we are just back from doing the Memorial Day cemetery run (the close-to-the-house ones), had a little de-stress sofa time earlier today also.  

Highlight of the weekend so far was watching Mr. Caleb yesterday while Kymmie went on an interview.  Then we did some light shopping and watched the boy flirt with the waitresses and sales assistants.  He likes the ladies, does Caleb.  He is a crawling machine, pulls up on everything and is starting to forget that he can’t walk yet.  So yes, any day now, he will be toddling.  He is on the verge of 11 months old  and first birthday party plans are in the works.   Love me some Caleb Boy.

The new job is going well … not super busy but projects are starting to find me.  Have made it through the big quarterly project once, so that will be coming up again soon.  Am still on the edge of the political world, which suits me just fine.  Hopefully they are liking me and my work also.  Kymmie is still job hunting.  Although we have low unemployment here, I think people are still looking for jobs.  People in her status aren’t counted in those numbers … I think she will find something just maybe not as soon as she had hoped.  Meanwhile, the Boy is taking up plenty of her time!

That’s it from here.  Just a small update.  Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend.  I promise to get around and visit everyone now that the computer is running well again!

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Buzz Kill said...

I'm there with you on Facebook. I don't get it nor do I need it. First birthdays are for the parents because the kids won't remember it. So make it special for Kym.