Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don’t wanna jinx it

So I’m not saying anything about the Thunder winning Game One.


Except I will say it was a carnival atmosphere downtown yesterday.  Fantastic spirit.  Everyone in Thunder Blue – from office workers to construction workers to little old men and babies.


A pic for Moi above.  But a personal favorite below.  Fear the Beard!




Still Thundering Up here … will have some other subject to talk about soon enough.  Just gonna enjoy the ride while it lasts. 


Boxer said...

I remember when the Sonics/Thunder won the championship in 1979. I was working for a bank for a summer job and they held a parade. It's a great feeling and OKC deserved something nice to happen. I'm in your corner!

(the local radio had a local OKC person on today and they did a great job of BLASTING Seattle for being such sour grapes. I was laughing out loud in the car. We look like such whiners. We need to shut up.)

Pam said...

Boxie, you mean some OKC person who now lives in Seattle, or an OKC person called in ..???

You've got other professional teams ... let us have this one :)

I just can't call them the Sonics. To me, Sonic is a hamburger drive-in chain (based here, of course), which is why I am sure they couldn't keep the name.

Boxer said...

It was a person from OKC calling into Seattle. He was from a local radio station in your city. I wish I had remembered the name. He was really good at putting us in our place. About time! I mean it. They were called The Super Sonics after the whole airplane/Boeing thing. I think? Hey, can we trade you our Mariners for the Thunder? Heeeeeee.

Pam said...

Boxie, nope, we are keeping our Thunder. I was sent a really great news column about it all today, will have to try to forward to you or post later.

Aunty Belle said... too PamOKC, Sonics = hamburgers.

Good luck Thunder!
I reckon folks is jes' ready fer somethin' decent to care abaout--we's asso weary of the pollyticks.