Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Random Random

1.  We lost.  Sigh.  But proud of our team and we love them. 

2.  Sandusky.  OMG.  Is he going to prison or not?  I can't stand the suspense.  I think I have read every word online about this trial as it goes along.  And, the adopted son, here at the last minute?  OMG, a novelist couldn't write a better chapter.  THROW THE BOOK AT HIM.  RIGHT NOW.  Please, Dear Lord, don't let another low life get away with it.

3.  Company coming.  Some visitors from the UK are coming at the end of July.  Early to mid-week when not much is going on.  Taking suggestions for things to do/see with them, and especially on the days when we are at work and they are on their own for the day.

4.  Baby Caleb turns ONE in just a couple of weeks!  Party invites have already been mailed out.  That boy has personality plus.  Can't believe it has gone by so quick.  I think Kymmie is doing a great job as mommy, too.  She has really done a great job tending to the boy for this first year.  Now, Caleb, let the mind games begin! 

5.  New job just chugging along.  Not much to report.  Just regular office type work.  Normal.  Things are very NORMAL.  I love NORMAL.  And realizing just how abnormal the other place really was ... (contented sigh).  NORMAL!

6.  Secretariat gets a new, faster speed given and Troll isn't around to report about it, let alone give an update on why I'll Have Another could never compare to the greatness?  I do hope all is well.  Maybe he has run off with Double-G and he's permanently out from under the bridge.

7.  I know everyone is more or less on break right now from blogging.  Myself included.  But all is well here.  And Normal.  I love NORMAL.  Mostly my problem with blogging stems from the computer somehow.  Problems with getting online.  I run virus software all the time.  But that lag in getting on a web page is wearing me out.  May just give up on internet altogether for a while.


moi said...

Boo about the Thunder and Troll.

Yay to Caleb birthday and NORMAL.

Glad to hear all is well with you. Not blogging much myself, but definitely checking in with folks.

fishy said...

Caleb turning one! Amazing.
Standing O for Kym choosing to give this fine son a sound foundation for life. Not to mention congrats on being the Grand for a year :-)

Normal is seriously under rated. So glad in these days of perpetual political wars you found a way to get out of the Stress Bowl.

I hope you will delight in the's always a joy to hear new family lore and have a good excuse to go out to really nice restaurants.

Come play Haiku Monday at the Pond.
Theme is : ecosystem

(Do you suppose there is a Troll ecosystem? Maybe we should organize a search for our missing love)

Aunty Belle said...

Mah Baby is ONE?? Oh mah gracious. Hug that chile' fer me. An' hats off to Kymmie.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Normal! Nuthin' like it...but I lost mine, Wish't I could find it.

As fer the slow internet thang..I had same issue. Maddening. I bought a registry cleaner, did all the anti-viral, malware stuff. Still ran slow, and slower. Next, took the computer to a geek place--they said "Whoa lady, better start backing up stuff, your hard drive is about to die."

I put ever'thang on an external HD, then waited fer the inevitable, an' started thinkin' waht kid of computer to go fer next--I'se still waiting. An' it were still takin' LOOOOOONG minutes fer stuff like youtube to load, had dropped / frozen URLs...a mess. Then....

I upgraded to the newest version of Firefox, an' Presto!! Thans is quick an smooth now.

Doan know if thas' yore case, but it might be worth a check-out.

Enjoy yore company from UK--send 'em to look at Indian museums.