Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday, Diamond Jubilee, and Kitty Domination Battles

Happy Sunday evening to anyone still reading.  Don’t know why I’m less and less on the blog, but it appears to be the case.  It has always been meant to be sort of an online diary of sorts for me, so here’s a re-cap of the day!

Get up.  Have breakfast.

Watched a bit of this:


An amazing spectacle – the Queen’s Jubilee flotilla parade.  Wow, what a celebration!  Would love to have been there.  I have always thought that my sweet little mother-in-law reminded me so much of The Queen.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

2011 VACAY0088 queen-elizabeth-ii-400x500

They are roughly the same age.  M-I-L is probably 4-5 years older than the Queen.   But her mannerisms and natural grace, size and shape … lots of things.  A discussion with my mother-in-law some years ago was amusing.  We were talking about the Queen, and she said that it is amazing to have never heard her complain about her duties or appearances, even though there must have been many times when she just must not have felt up to it, but she carried on. Basically the conversation took a turn that surely, at some time, she had female troubles and didn’t want to go out, but she carried on without a complaint.  And good on the Queen today, she STOOD for the entire procession of boats and ships and barges and canoes that passed by in salute.  I’m not sure I could have stood for 2.5 hours and I’m not 86  years of age.

But I digress.  I was talking about our day.  Then we cleaned house a bit and finished the laundry.  Exciting stuff, eh?  But then we threw some flags out to see if we could get a “looker” since we have decided to put our house on the market in a for sale by owner capacity.  Just thinking about downsizing on a serious basis.  What we need now is someone to buy this place.  We haven’t been advertising.  Might need to re-think our marketing plan.  Which thus far has consisted of a sign in the front yard.  Hmmmm.

Before the banner went up for the open house, though, it was the continuing saga of the Battle for Total Kitty Domination.   It was a fierce battle.  A two-prong attack.  First, Sterling got little Sally and must have gotten close enough to get a claw in.  We no sooner ran him off with a “You little bastard, leave her alone!” than Lewis Cat lit into her.  Oh the wails!   We never think they actually “get” her because she is a fast runner and will usually get loud to run them off herself.  Only this time, there was blood.  The boys drew blood from poor little Sally Cat.  There was a little pool of blood on the kitchen floor near her spot under-the-chair, and a few dribbles across the kitchen as she ran into the next room.  She huddled up on the towel we keep on the sofa because, let’s face it, cats like to lay on towels and I’d rather wash a towel than de-fur the sofa.  Yep, sure enough, the towel is soaking up blood also.  They got her either on the back leg or it might be a shred down the length of her tail somehow.  Needless to say, the boys got tossed to the great outdoors for the better part of the afternoon while Sally Cat licked her wounds.


POOR SALLYCAT!  She just wants to be left alone, and who can blame her!

No lookers, so a nap was in order.  It is an exciting life I’m leading at  the moment!

New job is going well.  Got to help hostess at a fundraiser in the new building.  Am hoping there will be more of this type of thing.  I didn’t really replace anyone at this job – it was a department that had been divided and the person who was there went with the other half.  So the people I am working for haven’t had their own person to speak of before now.  Which means that there are a few defined projects but some of the other things are still finding their way toward me.  All good so far, no complaints.  Will have lunch with some of the gals from the old place this week and hope to catch up on the gossip.  Then Friday will be some quality Caleb time.  He is coming up on one year old, can you believe it?

Everyone have a great week.


grins said...

Aww.That's too bad. I have all girl cats and they try to fight a lot. Fortunately Shaggy our dog hears a growl and runs in between them and stops it. They've never had a real chance to get it on. Bobby is getting old but still holds her own. She is meaner and sneakier but Meeka has got the strength and muscle

moi said...

Interesting thing about the British Royals, and I keep hearing it said: they did not choose their positions. They were born into them. Yes, great wealth comes with it, but so does obligation and, I'm sure, some of it stultify-ingly boring. But they seem by and large to dispatch those obligations with good cheer and grace.

Pam said...

Grins, maybe a dog is what is needed to sort this group of cats out. But you don't give me great hope of a kitty colony that gets along!

Moi: Great observation - I can't imagine a life in the spotlight like them ... but the Queen is amazing.