Friday, June 08, 2012



WOOT!  Woot!  woot!   Our new team made the finals!



The Thunder have ignited OKC like never before.  It is so fun to watch everyone getting their Thunder Up.  Even those of us (like myself) that never followed basketball before are  huge fans.  Who knew that bringing basketball to OKC would unite us.  It was perfect after being so tired of the worn out OU/OSU bedlam debate.  We have a team that EVERYONE can and does support.

Durant, Harden, Collison, Ibaka, Fisher, Westbrook, Sefelosha  and the others are just 110%.  Young, confident and dedicated.  Individual stars but all team players.  We love them all.

Good luck in the Finals, guys!

And now, please forgive me, but I’m going to sing a verse from a junior high school pep club cheer ….


Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation

We’re the Thunder delegation!

We’re gonna win with determination!







PNW Gal said...

You know how I feel..... OKC deserved this team even though many of them are still from the long lost Sonics and kinda belong to us? :-) Our city is so strange, a group is trying to build a stadium to get a NBA team back (it's why we lost y'all in the first place.) and it's turning political and stupid. Of course.

But for now? THUNDER UP!!!!

I'm cheering for them.

Pam said...

Boxie, we built the stadium with no team but in hopes of getting one at some point. After the OKC bombing, some city leaders with amazing foresight put together a one cent sales tax that would go toward certain improvement projects. We were hurting as a community after that bombing -- how do you bounce back from that and become known for something other than that?

The arena was one of the projects. Then when Hurricane Katrina hit and the N.O. hornets needed somewhere to play, we were in place and ready. Community support was amazing and I think it kept those city leaders on the hunt for our own team.

I never followed basketball before now, so not sure who played for where, nor care. Our guys are our guys and they seem pleased to be here. The coach is amazing. Love him.

Am so glad that PNW Gal can support this time! There's a guy at my new office from Washington state and he is jazzed that they are here.

moi said...

We never watch professional basketball, but we're watching this year. As you know, Oklahoma is kind of a second home to us. Plus, the Thunder is playing magnificent ball!

Pam said...

Moi - same here. Just gradually getting into it since we've had the team. Am just going to have to ride this for a while! Hope they can keep it up. Will have to meet up one time when you guys are on your way through!