Monday, July 09, 2012

Mister Caleb Turns One

It was a very special occasion this past weekend!  We all celebrated Caleb’s first birthday!  Can you believe it has been a  year?


Boy enjoys some chocolate cake.


Speaking of cakes, how cute is this?    Kymmie’s friend made it.  Not only adorable, but yummy too.  Caleb likes him some Cookie Monster.


Cousin Sophia helps with some of the toys.


Yeah boy!  Good stuff.


Poppy John picked out this Monster Truck, which was a big hit among the kids at the party.


Yeah, Caleb, this is how Grammy felt too once it was all over!  But Grammy loves you very much.


PNW Gal said...

Happy Happy Day!!!!

Pam said...

Boxie! Can you believe it? Wow, has this year flown.

moi said...

I can't believe how time flies! Boxer and Chickory arrived at my place just about the time Kym went into labor and Caleb was having a bit of a difficult time. A year later, and all is well. Congrats, and I'm so happy the celebration was a success.

Aunty Belle said...

Yes!! Koolio party fer that Sweet Boy Chile!

Monster truck--ahahahah!

I like Cookie Monster too--when he shares.

Happy happy day--know Mommy Kym is delirious wif' joy.

Love to all yore clanfolks.

chickory said...

this boy is going to be a handful! I love him. happy birthday, Caleb.