Friday, July 27, 2012

Snark Station Late (if ever this week) and other stuff

Quick update.  If someone wants to run the Snark Station this week, power to them!  Lots of quick changes happening here and I do not know if I will get a chance to watch this week’s episode.  Anyone want to host on such late notice?


  • Our UK visitors arrive on Sunday, which means monster house cleaning and switching of bed linens, etc.
  • Received an offer on our house, a little low, but reasonable, and that means we’ve been house hunting a bit.
  • Think we’ve found just the thing, but it comes with quite a few things to get sorted, including finding somewhere else to stay while this one we have our eye on can get closed.
  • Yikes!  More soon.


moi said...

Moving! Not outside the state, I hope.

Unfortunately, I have a glob of work to get to today, so can't get up a post, but I WILL say: Nothing like a good "make something out of nothing" challenge to winnow the wheat from the chaff or however you say it. That stupid girl who went home? Lady, almost everyone else managed their time in order to use candy in a significant way, even if some of them didn't do it all that well. So your excuses are no good here. Buh-bye, slacker.

Boxer said...

What happened to my comment???? Booooo. I said don't worry about a post and that you clearly had a full agenda for the weekend and beyond. xoxoox

fishy said...

New house!
We need pictures and a floorplan!

I agree with the win and the out.
The stained glass candy dress was yummy! The whining excuses were just bad tv