Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Caleb Report–January 2013


He’s 18 months old now.  Smart and funny.  He likes ice.  And Cookie Monster and one special Bear.  He knows lots of body parts, like eye and ear and nose and knees and hair.  He is fearless and will jump off a step because he knows someone will catch him.  Word has it that he will be going for his first haircut soon.  He likes to work and to be busy.   If he is awake, he is in movement of some kind.   He is good about stacking blocks and putting things in baskets.  He likes to play with Dixie Cups.  He is tall.  Among the tallest of his age group, according to doctor percentages (although I don’t know why doctors do those measurements – comparing with others starts early these days).  And he is fast.  It takes some keeping up with him these days.  He isn’t a snuggler, but will fall asleep in your arms on occasion.  He stays at Grammy’s house once in a while so mom and dad can have a break or a date night once in a while.  And when he stays at Grammy’s, cats disappear under the bed.  He’s a force of nature and he’s got the Terrible Two’s to go.  Blue is his favorite color.  His stacking cups in four colors?  Big Blue and Little Blue are always together and are the ones he carries around everywhere.  He likes for Grammy to sing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” and does the hand motions with me.  He is insistent on this song.  He likes it over and over again.  He especially likes the tickles when he is turned into a goon.  He likes it when Poppy makes airplane noises while Cookie Monster flies through the air.  He likes to bang on the old piano in the back bedroom.  And then he settles down and plays one key at a time.  Usually at the high end of the keyboard.  And then he is off to do something else.


Sorry to have been offline for so long, but I’m over on FB so find me there, too!  Have come to the conclusion that since I have changed jobs, the stress level is different and therefore the need for creative outlet has diminished.  That’s my reason for being a bad blogger, and I’m sticking to it.


Hope everyone is good!  What is the gossip out here in Blog World?   


Caleb Chr 12-12-0058

Caleb Chr 12-12-0065

Peek a boo with big blue and little blue.


Aunty Belle said...

Gimme that boy-chile'!!!!

I'll take him....but ya better tech me Bunny Foo Foo(!).

We's missed ya' tho ain't it swell that ya like yore new job enough to let go of blogger. But comin' back can be a social outlet, not jes a stress buster.

Kno what? I'se come to see that blogger communities is a chemistry, takes some beefy B vitamins, some clever enzymes fer catalysts, an' a trace mineral or two....ever body is important or th thang gits weak. Anyhoo....we miss ya PamOKC!

Aunty Belle said...

An' all misspelling is the fault of this applecorepad

fishy said...

Geez...if I remembered the words to little bunny fo foo it would be a personal triumph! Lovely to hear from you and love these pictures of Little Handsome. Funny haiku about getting him to sleep :-0

I don't think I can claim to think like Aunty does but I completely agree with her analogy about the chemistry of a really good blog community. I am just delighted to see you on the blogs again.

Hugs to all!

Buzz Kill said...

Has it really been 18 months already? Soon that boy will be shaving and ready to join the cub scouts. It looks like he may keep his blue eyes.

Brit Gal said...

Haha you posted, I got your email but haven't had time (thanks work) to reply and then I saw this instead.

What a cutie he is growing into and this post made me smile. Imagine that on your kitties lol!

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

It's so very nice to hear from you. And that things are well in your world. You have been missed.

Caleb is a fine looking fellow. Please pass my best wishes on to Kym.

Pam said...

Auntie, I hope you get that Applecorepad sorted out. Or maybe Cracker-Speak can be added as a new language. Thanks for appreciating on my 'boy!

Fishy: Will try to get video of Little Bunny Foo Foo. It is pretty priceleds.

Buzzy: Yep, blue eyes are here to stay and the time has been unbelievably fast. We call him a little time suck anyway ... I don't know where the time goes when he is around.

Sarah: Told you I'd been playing around with reorganizing the page! I'll make it around to other pages eventually!

Karl: Great to hear from you too and to be back in circulation. Have you been out saving the world lately>?

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Buzz Kill said...

Pam - We haven't heard from you in a while and I was just watching the devestation reported on tv from yesterday's tornados. And I thought about you. Hope all is well with you, Kym and the rest of the family. Your blogger friends want to know you're OK in OK.